6 Tips for the Best Mattress-Buying Experience

Looking for a new mattress may sound like fun at first, then you walk into a showroom and see row after row of mattresses. So many mattresses. And you only need one. But which one? These tips won’t make the decision for you but they can help.


  1. Know What You Want

Start with a little research. You’ll find the best mattress for you when you don’t depend on the sales staff for recommendations. Ask your friends and family members what mattress or company they like. Check out online reviews and educate yourself about what types of mattresses are available.


If you have health concerns that could be alleviated with the right mattress, you may want to seek a recommendation from your doctor or chiropractor.


  1. Test, Test, Test

Once you have narrowed it down to a couple options, it’s time for a test drive at the showroom. Bring your partner and lay on mattresses together in your usual sleeping positions. Hold those positions for 10 to 20 minutes, especially when trying memory foam, to see how the mattress accommodates your body and feels as you relax.


Next, you want to gauge how the mattress isolates motion. Take turns moving around on the mattress and getting up to see how the motion affects the other person. Motion isolation may not be a big deal for some couples but for others, specifically light sleepers who have restless partners, it may be an important consideration.


  1. Trust Your Body

The words used to describe a mattress are subjective. A mattress rated as medium-firm may feel very firm to one person and too soft to another. You can’t quantify comfort and support. It’s about what feels best to your body.


If you and your partner have differing preferences, you may want to look at an adjustable-air mattress. These mattresses have separate air chambers on each side that are independently controlled for custom support.


  1. Bring a Pillow.

You may feel weird but it’s worth bringing your pillow along on the test drive or snagging one at the store. You can stuff it into a tote bag if carrying a pillow is too awkward. Replicating your sleeping conditions as closely as possible can help you get a better idea of how the mattress works for you.


  1. Dress for the Occasion

Wearing your pajamas is probably a bit too weird for mattress shopping but clothes can make a difference. You want to wear clothes that allow you to move, stretch and rest comfortably. Slip-on shoes can also making hopping from bed to bed a breeze.


  1. Check on Policies

Before you buy, ask about the company’s policies regarding trial periods and returns. You could be out expensive fees and shipping if a mattress doesn’t work or the company may not take it back, leaving you with a mattress that is less than satisfactory.