Tips for Buying a Crib Mattress

A good night’s sleep becomes a precious commodity when you have a baby. It can be a bit of a puzzle to get a baby to sleep in the first place and back to sleep throughout the night or for naps. Does she need to be burped? Rocked? Fed? We've got a simple trick to help your baby get the best sleep of their lives.

Creating a comfortable bed for your baby with the best mattress to sleep on may help her rest easier. The Sleep Junkie has a great article on this topic.

Know What You Want

Crib mattresses are typically constructed from foam or springs, though, some models are now available with coconut fiber and other materials.


Innerspring mattresses are slightly more expensive than foam ones but may last longer. The internal system of coils creates a firm surface for your baby to rest on.


Foam mattresses tend to be cheaper and lighter than innerspring mattresses at about 7 or 8 pounds. Look for a high density foam — measured by the pounds per cubic foot — that is 6 inches thick for better comfort and a longer life. You should also test the foam to ensure that it isn’t too soft. A softer foam can make it difficult for the baby to move and could form too tightly around her face, increasing the risk of suffocation.


If you are concerned about materials that may have chemical emissions, you can find organic options in both foam and innerspring mattresses that utilize coconut fibers, cotton, wool and plant-based oils to make foams.


What to Look For

Once you have decided what type of mattress may work well for you, there are a couple things to keep in mind as you shop.


The size of crib mattresses is tightly regulated but it’s still a good idea to make sure that it will fit snugly in the frame you plan to use. You want to avoid any large gaps between the mattress and frame where your baby could get stuck.


Research and ask about the outer layers of the mattress. If you want a mattress that is water resistant, look for laminated layers with nylon or consider a waterproof mattress pad.


Also, check to see if the mattress has small holes in the sides for ventilation. These holes will increase air flow in and out of the mattress and help reduce the build up of odors.


Sleeping in Comfort

Add some soft bedding to the new crib mattress and your baby will be able to rest comfortably at any time of the day or night.